Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sealing Day..........

The Oquirrh Mountain Temple will always be a little bit more special for us not because today was a special day for the Cromwell family, we had Gabriel Lorenzo sealed to us for time and all eternity.

We got up early and got ready to go. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining bright. We packed up the kids and drove up to the temple. As we drove up Christian yells out, "look on top of the temple, it's Ramoni (Moroni)!" We all had a good laugh.

We walked inside and there were so many people milling about but we had 2 people greet us that would attend to us all day and help us all along the way. We took the kids up to the children's center where they got to play while we went to do paperwork and get ready. We went into the vital records room and the thought just hit bought of us........we don't have any paperwork with us?! We had forgotten the adoption papers....ugh! We thought we might have them in an email but no luck. Layne had to drive all the way home and grab them. So a little hiccup in our morning but not to worry we had nothing else to do for the day. And what better place to wait in the temple.......calm and peaceful. The kids were taken care of and everyone who came was okay with waiting. Layne and I just felt bad for making people wait who had little kids and babysitters. It just took longer than expected.

We decided to have our whole family dressed in white to make it more meaningful to us and symbolize our family unit. Julia got to wear her baptism dress and the boys both were in white. Friends and family were in the sealing room while the sealer, Brother KiniKini spoke to us about the importance of the temple and the steps and covenants we make each step of the way to the most important.........the sealing of families. The kids walked in and Gabriel was hesitant and a little scared. I think because all eyes were on him and both mom and dad looked a little different than we normally do. Julia and Christian did great. Gabriel kept saying no over and over again but finally quieted down as Layne whispered in his ear.

Family and friends came and congratulated us and gave us hugs. Julia said that's when she could feel the spirit the most. As we left the sealing room the sealer, Bro. KiniKini, said to me he met with the kids before hand and talked to them. Julia had told him she wanted to get married here someday. That made me smile and I'm glad he shared that with me!

We quickly went outside to get a picture because it was so windy and cold. But it was important to us to get that picture so we could remember that we were all inside the temple together and became a complete family today. We added a new family member to our existing family for eternity. That changes us and gives us new perspective as a mom and dad and as a brother and sister. I don't know how much Christian and Gabe will remember but they will have this picture. I hope Julia will remember the feelings she had while she was inside and what she told the sealer. I will always remember Gabe and what he kept saying the rest of the day and all the way home, "I go to temple/I want to go to temple!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Perfect Smile.........

The beginning of last year 2015 I decided to get braces. The night I got them I thought, what have I done, because I was in so much pain. I don't remember it being this painful when I was in the 4th grade. As an adult having braces was not fun, it hurt to wear the rubber bands and have the wires tightened. It was hard to go without eating some of my favorite things like nuts and certain kinds of chewy candy and chips. Salad, meat and rice would always get stuck in your teeth/braces but now that is ALL done! I LOVE my smile and first on my to eat list is a big bowl of ice cream or a brownie with nuts!! Pictured below are what my teeth looked like before, the day I got them and the final result!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July..........

This will be a 4th of July we won't forget. We went to spend sometime with Layne's family up in West Yellowstone, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday we traveled up and stopped along the way here and there with the kids to break up the drive. We stopped at a little go-cart, mini-golf place to stretch our legs. Layne was feeling pretty bad. Super dizzy and very nauseated, bad combination. So long story short, an instacare visit, an ER visit and a hotel stay later, we drove home Sunday. Layne  basically lost his balance center in his left ear from a virus and has to have physical therapy to gain it back. Recovery time 6-8 weeks. He is miserable and I've never seen him sick like this. I'm just glad to be home so he can rest.

Monday, 4th of July, we left Layne home and I took the kids to my parents to hang out. We had a craft day, played outside,ate and waited for fireworks to start in the park. We missed dad. It stinks when he's not able to participate and have fun with us. He makes things fun and is usually the life of the party.

          Sun catchers, a wood block flag, and fabric flip flops

 We tried to take pictures of the kids together but you know how that goes........lower your expectations's always grumpy or not looking at the camera. Someone has their eyes closed or making a silly face. Julia is the only one, only one......who can put on a smile every time!

 We headed over to the park in Alpine for the "big" show. These are the rich people who spend tons of money on the real deal fireworks and set them off. Free of charge! You just have to sit back and enjoy. But you have to watch out for all the idiots who light off the little fireworks 20 feet away and zip right by your head and almost hit you in the eye. Way to close! But there are some many groups putting on their "shows" you just don't know where to look. It was so fun and just as good as any firework show you pay for! The kids loved it and it was fun to be with family and celebrate America!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Some good news and a 2nd Birthday..............

Good news this past Monday we got done with trial and parents rights were terminated.  We are moving ahead with adoption and are so excited. What a way to start of a birthday week for this guy! We also are going to change his name to Gabriel Lorenzo. New start, new name, is how we look at it!

Gabriel turned 2 today! He woke up and saw his balloons and went crazy! Every time anyone else had a birthday with balloons or cake that's all he kept talking about. So when he had his own balloons he was in heaven!

We just had family come a little celebration after Layne got home from work. He loved opening his presents. He is very vocal and talks a lot for a 2 year old. He described everything he did or got. He was so happy to get a water bottle of his very own, some pj's and some beanie boos!

This kid, along with Christian and Julia, loves Star Wars and got his very own blanket to sleep with. He was so happy to have everyone there at his party! He loves being around family.

We invited the Checkett's over to have cupcakes with us.......because he LOVES the Checkett's and knows each of them by name. So they had to come. Besides family, they are his favorite people! Besides balloons, cake, is where it is at, for Gabriel. He loves cake. At every birthday for family he asks where the cake is or says, "have cake?" So to see the cupcakes and hear us sing to him and know it was HIS birthday, he was so happy!



* About his name: Layne and I both liked the name Gabriel when Christian was born so it was still at the top of our list. Layne really liked Lorenzo but I didn't like it for a 1st name. So that was decided and became his middle name. Layne likes it because he calls Gabriel "Zo" for a nickname. So Gabriel goes by Gabe and Zo too!

*He loves his fruit

* Funny Story: One day I had grapes in the fridge and he said, "want boobies." I paused and was like what? I asked him again what he wanted and he said the same thing. I had no idea what he wanted?? I made lunch pulled out the grapes and he kept saying it over and over. OOHHHH.......blueberries! He thought I had blueberries but they were grapes. So blueberries and grapes are called boobies. So now everyone tries to get him to say blueberries.

*Gabe is super friendly and will wave and say Hi to everyone. When we walk down the hall at church, or go to the store. He can everyone smile that is for sure.

*He sleeps through the night....without a nap with go to bed between 7-7:30 and get up between 7-7:30.....with a nap goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 7-7:30am. Pretty good sleeper!

* Loves milk and always has to have his sippy cup with him. We don't do a sippy cup at night or nap but he has that thing with him everywhere!

*He sleeps with a monkey and its so cute. 

*Gabe is so polite. He is always saying "Thank you mama." Or if you ask him to go get something or do something "okay daddy."

Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer Happenings.............

June was a busy month and we crammed a lot in. Maybe we just wanted to get a lot done before it got really hot!

Christian was able to go to grandma camp for 2 days this year between the 16-18th of June and was super exited. He was there with his cousins Eli, Austin and Olivia. They played games, got to go see Finding Dory, got new pj's, play Disney bingo, play in the pool, dress up like pirates and go on a treasure hunt. The best part is wrestling with grandpa! He also got to sleep downstairs like a big slumber party. He enjoyed every minute of it and talked about it for weeks after wards!

Something we haven't done since they remodeled the new place is visit the new and improved Bean Museum, down on the BYU campus. It was pretty cool actually and the kids loved it. Lots of displays and lots of cool animals to see. We took our time in the nice cool building and enjoyed ourselves.

After wards, no trip to BYU would be complete without a trip to the bookstore and a trip to the creamery. We love going down to BYU and visiting and the kids a great time hanging out and getting to spend time together!

We took the kids to the park and they all brought their roller skates and had a blast. They had a great time and roller skated around the park for a long time. Christian started to practice in our basement awhile ago and has gotten pretty good in a short time. He did pretty good today keeping up with the big kids. Hopefully this wears them out for tonight! Here's the roller skating gang.........

We couldn't do summer without our annual summer water fight. It was a bit cold this year but we did it anyway. On your mark........get set.......GO.........

 My mom was taking most of the pictures. She got some great shots. The one above show Kristy getting shot right in the face with water.....priceless!

 The little one sitting with grandpa trying to get warmed up.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Family Reunion.......

My dad's brother, Uncle Robert, came to visit tonight. That's rare and I don't remember the last time I have even seen a member of my dad's family. My dad isn't one to talk much about his family and we weren't very close with them growing up. They lived in New York and Pennsylvania while we were growing up and we just never saw each other. I do remember getting a Christmas ornament from Aunt Nancy every year and actually we still do.

My cousin Susan and her husband also came with them and brought her 2 girls. And our girls had a blast with them. As the adults sat around and talked the girls played and played. They had a great time connecting and getting to know one another. It was interesting to hear Uncle Robert talk about my grandma. She had passed away when my dad was 12 and he says he doesn't remember much about her, or least doesn't like to talk about her much. Uncle Robert is the 2nd oldest and had lots to share with us. While telling stories my dad would share his input and shared what he recalled.

It was a fun evening to catch up after all these years and talk. It's nice to see the girls play and make new friends/cousins so easily too!